Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays

Hope you're all enjoying the holiday season.  I've been super busy and trying to keep up with everything.  I've got a ton of commitments for all the festivities but I'm hoping things will go smoothly.  I also still have some gifts I'm waiting on to come in the mail - they were delayed with all the snow storms and such.  Crossing My fingers they get here on time.

I'm going to be doing some baking as well as working on My outfit for NYE this weekend so I've got a lot going on lol.  I'm dressing as a Snow Princess and I'm sewing an adorable pastel rainbow long sleeve leotard  with baby blue and white accents - I'll look just like a sexy snowflake Goddess.  Lots of glitter. :D

I had a pretty fun week.  If you didn't see it yet, I made a smokin hot video to accompany My slave application.  

My Slave Application - 19 min - $49.99

I've already had quite a few of you jumping to fill it out.  I've actually had a few more buy the video than emails completing the application, and I just found out why.  One of you messaged Me confessing you were too scared to fill it out!  ...Understandably so. ;)  This one is already quite addicted to My videos and already has a habit of admitting things to Me he probably shouldn't - for his own sake!  I know he'll give in soon enough though, you all do.

Of the new boys who have contacted Me, I've got a few potential keepers, and one definite LOSER who needs to be named and shamed!  Travy paid his initial tribute of $50, gushed about how thankful he was for the chance to serve Me, made a bunch of promises (like losers tend to do) then bailed.  He came to Me begging to be allowed to send a $40 giftcard I requested so I could purchase a new external hard drive (I filled Mine up with making clips for all you pervs! ;p) and he blabbed on and on about how he couldn't help but spoil Me and claimed he purchased the camcorder off My wishlist.  I don't take the word of worms until I see proof so I never expected anything - and sure enough - the giftcard never came through and the camcorder magically showed up back on My list 2 days later. *rolls eyes* Nice try, jerk off.  He couldn't even accomplish the simple (non-monetary!) task I gave him, either.

Thankfully I do have one boy who has pleased Me so far.  Tiny filled out My application, sent his tribute, bought a handful of vids and sent Me the gift card Travy failed to send.  He also compiled a list of all his finances so I can work out a budget for him.  Let's hope he continues on this path.  You boys all know, the more you obey, the deeper you give in to your addiction to Me, the greater satisfaction you will find.

Something to keep in mind - I'm considering starting a contest of sorts in 2013.  I'll be documenting who's the most devoted by the amount of tributes each of you send.  Who's gonna earn the honor of being My #1 plaything? ;)

XoXo, Kelly

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keeping warm

Winter is here and I have to say, I hate it.  My body seriously cannot withstand the cold.  If it gets under like 50 degrees I am miserable lol, and it has been around 20-30!  Now every time I leave the house I have to pile on a sweater, a big fluffy coat, scarf, hat, gloves, thick socks and boots. lol!  I feel like such a dork.  At least I look super cute.  I do need some better gloves though, I haven't had time to find any yet this year.  

(Points with Me for anyone who can find me some adorable ones similar to ^these^, preferably faux leather.)

The pilot light on My furnace keeps going off so I spent a good portion of My morning yesterday trying to make Myself feel better by sipping green tea and looking at warm and cozy things like this:

Both of which you can purchase off My wishlist here.

I'm really excited because I've got two house viewings set up today.  I'm really antsy for one because it's an entire house, right in the exact neighborhood of My dreams. :)  It's nearly twice what I pay for rent right now though so it will be a change.  Good thing I've picked up quite a few new pay slaves and playthings lately! 

My financial domination videos are really working, and getting into the heads of plenty of men just desperate to have their finances controlled.  My store is at #10 today but I'm hoping to see it creep up higher and higher on that list as I post some more updates this week.  I'm counting on you boys to make Me proud.

One of My new servants, chris chastity loser, has been showing a lot of potential.  He has loyally purchased all My findom clips thus far, made his payments, and I put him on a budget.  I absolutely love taking control over men's cash flow and bank accounts this way.  So many of you need this kind of guidance, and I enjoy reaping the benefits of helping you get your priorities in order.

A few others have purchased gifts off My wishlist and sent letters confessing your weakness, but still have yet to fill out My slave application.  If you truly want to serve Me it is in your best interest to tell Me everything I need to know about you, your finances, and what makes you tick.

Alright, I'm gonna go do My hair and I'll be on cam shortly to seduce you silly boys for everything you're worth. ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taking you to the limit

Hello all My addicted pay pigs!  

It's just your luck I've got a brand new financial domination video for sale today that'll be right up your alley.

Taking you to the limit
...Your credit limit that is. Maxing out all your credit cards for Me. I'll have you drowning in debt, yet I still force you to apply for another card. You'll work more and more just to pay Me and avoid the bill collectors I can guarantee will be calling once I'm done with you. 

10 minutes - $9.99

Buy it HERE now!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Oh My!  I woke up today to SNOW on the ground.  Rude awakening to the fact that winter is here.  I am a summer girl 100% all the way so seeing this depressed Me.  My car doesn't have snow tires so it was slipping all over the road and as was I when I got out lol.  I'm trying not to get too stressed about it.  The more cute winter clothes I get, the better I feel, haha.  (Keep an eye on My wishlist. :p)

I'm really thrilled because My videos on clips4sale started selling like crazy - I made a few hundred $$$ offline just over the weekend.  Creating My own gifs has really seemed to help and it made My site look soo much sexier.  My financial domination videos are definitely luring in plenty of weak pay slaves.  The payments they each made after buying My clips has been adding up!  I absolutely love seeing the email alerts  pop up and the money roll in as I receive a payment on Clipvia or WebsFinest.

I have a couple new guys I've been having fun with recently, on webcam and otherwise.  One worth mentioning I'm especially happy with is my boy Tim.  He sent Me $325 in tributes and $350 in Amazon giftcards Friday night.  He definitely knows how to spoil a Princess and made Me very excited.  Take note.

I'm frustrated with My cam studio.  It's smaller than I'd like it to be and I feel cramped.  Unfortunately with the layout of My house and internet spots, it's the only real option.  I've been looking for a new house for months with no luck.  I love what I do and just want to feel more inspired and energized when I log on.  My environment really effects My mood.  Getting a new laptop would help too, then I could cam from My bedroom hehe.

XoX, Kelly

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to Blogging

It's ridiculous I haven't updated this in a year lol.  So sorry for those of you who only keep track of Me through this blog!  I've been working on finding My place online.  I built a website on Wix but I'm thinking of moving over to something a bit more professional.  For now, I've integrated this blog into My site, so it will do.

I'm still camming (mostly indy shows through WebsFinest, Skype & Yahoo.)  I've also gotten really into making videos (check out My clips store here.)  I take requests for customs, and I'm open to clip ideas.

Last time I posted here I wrote about moving into a new house and the death of My dog.  I'm missing him soo much - I really want another puppy!  I got My last dog when I was 10 so it's been a lonnnng time since I've gotten to adopt a little baby.  I grew up with small dogs and just love them so much.  I want to get a chihuahua.  The house I've been living at is so beautiful and amazing, but dogs aren't allowed here.  I want to get back to living in the middle of the city again so those two reasons have been pushing me to look for a new place.  However, winter is nearing and I really don't want to move when there's snow on the ground.  I'm keeping My eyes open for the perfect place, but I'm guessing I'll stay here until the spring.  I may ask (or rather, beg ;p) My landlord for permission to get a pup.  Keep your fingers crossed.

What else is new.  Well, I did a ton of traveling this past year.  I went to a bunch of music festivals.  I'm obsessed, I love them so much hehe.  I went to Miami, San Francisco, Colorado, Michigan, and a bunch of different places around the Midwest.  This has definitely been one of the most exciting years of My life.  I'm laying low this winter so I hope I don't get cabin fever.  

XoXo, Kelly